Two Year Olds

Our two year old classroom is a bright cheerful environment equipped with toys and materials that encourage active exploration. Children in this group are often away from home and family for the first time. Therefore, we expect and plan for some separation anxiety. However, most children adjust in just a few days. Our two year old teachers provide loving guidance as the children start to learn about the bigger world. The children are encouraged to use their words to express wants and needs as their language skills continue to develop. Our teachers also assist the children with toilet training when the time is right. Daily activities are planned around a weekly theme and include a good deal of sensory play. The teachers have specific goals and objectives in mind for the children as they plan. A daily note is sent home with children explaining the events of the day.

Three to Five Year Olds

Our preschool class consists of children 3-5 years of age. Our teachers work hard to make the classroom and interesting and exciting place for the children to experiment and explore. Activities are planned based on the Project Construct Curriculum and on the Missouri Pre-K Literacy Standards. Some of our interest areas include art, sensory play, blocks and construction, music and movement, imaginary play, etc. The teachers also work on helping the children to become social within a group setting by encouraging them to use their words to solve conflicts and by modeling safe and responsible behavior. The ultimate goal of the preschool program is to have children ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten. Daily notes are sent home with the children so that parents can keep up with classroom events.


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